• Never run errands for strangers, even for money. 
  • Never accept candy money or gifts from a stranger, or an invitation to a movie, etc. 
  • Never get in to a car with a stranger for any reason. 
  • Never Hitch-Hike. 
  • If a stranger attempts to coax you into a car, yell and run, then write down the license number from a safe distance, or scratch it in the dirt. Then tell your parents teacher or a policemen. 
  • If a friend gets in to a car with a stranger, even if you have warned him not to,  write down the license number and tell a policeman, your parents or teacher right away. 
  • Make sure that your parents always know you are and who you are with. 
  • When collecting for charities, always travel in groups of two or more, and never go inside a stranger’s house. 
  • Teach your children their full names, address and telephone No. 
  • Tell them never to admit to being home alone on the phone or to someone at the door. 
  • Instruct children to look out for each other and tell you when something unusual or suspicious happens. 
  • Report suspicious individuals or vehicles lurking in areas where children play to the police. 
  • Ask a trusted neighbor to provide security for your children if any threat or emergency arise while you are away from home. Offer to do same for them. 
  • Every child should know that police are friends and be able to recognize the uniform and know that a policeman will be receptive if the child is lost or frightened. 
  • Children should be encouraged to play with friends and never in isolated areas or vacant buildings. 
  • Parents should always know where their children are. 
  • Parents should ensure that baby-sitters are known and can be trusted.


  • Fix grills on windows and glass paneled doors.
  • Don't allow any stranger to enter your house, when you are alone without finding out his identity.
  • Beware of persons coming to your house under the pretext of repairing/selling
  • Keep side doors pad locked and main door bolted.
  • Use slam-shut locks instead of pad locks. Install magic eye and safety chains on doors.
  • Look through the magic eye and ensure the door chain is secure before opening the door to a stranger.
  • Leave a light switched on  when you go out of town. Inform your neighbours about your absence from your home for a long or short period.
  • Insure all valuable properties like VCR, TV etc.
  • Mark valuables with an identification number like your Ration Card, Passport or
  • Install an alarm system and learn how to use it. Monitor your alarm system and arrange for guard response. Stow away ladders and stools.
  • Make your home appear lived in. Don't keep huge amount of cash and ornaments in the house. Use bank lockers.
  • Don't sleep near an open window during the night.
  • Don't disturb the scene, if you notice theft in your house, wait for the arrival of police otherwise it will lead to tampering of evidence like fingerprints, footprints etc.
  • things, conducting meter readings etc.
  • Don't wear heavy ornaments while travelling alone.
  • Don't open your bag-containing valuable like cash and ornaments, while travelling in public places.
  • Don't go alone with cash and jewelry during the nighttime.
  • Do not record a message on answering machine telling people you are on holiday or away.


  • Always stop and think about the risk.
  • Always identify a visitor before opening the door.
  • Never allow young children to open the door to visitors.
  • Always ask representatives to provide identification.
  • Avoid walking alone at night.
  • Walk in busy well lit roads, towards traffic.
  • Carry your purse close to your body and slightly to the front.
  • Your purse should be closed and fastened at all times. Do not leave it on a counter.
  • Do not carry your keys, cheque book or credit-cards in your bag. Carry them in a jacket or other pocket on your person.
  • Do not carry more money than necessary.
  • If someone attempts to take your bag, give it up rather than risk personal injury.
  • Get your domestic help's antecedents verified.
  • Give his/her photograph as well as address to the nearest Police Station for verification.
  • Get his/her background verified from previous employer.
  • Avoid giving access to his relatives and friends.
  • Avoid displaying jewelry and valuables in the house.
  • Don’t keep vehicles in your house compound without locking.
  • Two wheelers should be kept in the safe places after tying with a chain and lock.
  • When you park your vehicle in the parking area, ask somebody to keep an eye over it.
  • Never leave the vehicle door unlocked nor the windows partially open.
  • Make sure that quarter glasses are properly secured.
  • Never leave the key dangling in the ignition.
  • Double-check all doors (including the boot) to ensure that they are properly secured.
  • Etch registration number of your car on the rear & front window screens and windowpanes. Do not leave valuables in your car even if it is locked.
  • Cut down on extra fittings, as these tempt prospective thieves.
  • Install a car alarm.
  • Never leave important documents in the glove box or boot.
  • Never identify your key ring with your name.
  • Do not offer a lift to anyone you do not know.
  • If someone needs assistance, stop some distance away and communicate through locked doors and partially opened window.
  • In case of theft, immediately inform nearest police station, dial 100